About the Partnership

In 2016 Arab News, the Middle East’s leading international English-language daily, partnered with YouGov, the world’s leading online polling firm, to produce a regular series of surveys capturing the pulse and changing dynamics of the Middle East and North Africa. The quarterly surveys gauge public sentiment on regional and international events, offering credible, actionable insight into international public opinion and Arab affairs. The partnership has completed 6 surveys to date on issues ranging from Arab political sentiment and Gulf relations with Qatar, to the Arab image in the US and how Arabs view Japan. Most recently, the Arab News/YouGov poll released Pan-Arab Views on the 2020 US Elections as well as a survey of France’s Arab minority. The findings of the Arab News/YouGov Poll appear regularly in the pages of Arab News and in this section of www.arabnews.com.

In an era of fast-moving news cycles, information overload and ‘fake news’, there could be no better time for a media brand to invest in quality, credible research such as that produced by YouGov.

Faisal Abbas, Arab News Editor In Chief

In a region where credible statistics can be scarce, our partnership with Arab News will throw light on both how the Arab public feel about pressing global issues, and how the world sees the Middle East.

Stephan Shakespeare, YouGov CEO

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